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If your car is eligible for the NCT (please refer to testing chart below) then please phone us on 014135992 or alternatively to use our online facility, you will need a credit/debit card and then simply type in your car registration number + Booking I.D (which can be found at the top of your NCT Booking letter) or date of first registration of the vehicle (which can be found on your vehicle registration book, registration certificate or licensing certificate).

If you need to know when your vehicle is due its NCT, then check out NCT Reminder application  

Cars that have been off the road or have not been taxed for over 3 months it will be necessary for the owner of the vehicle to contact NCTS directly themselves.

- X Denotes that a vehicle is due for test in that year.
- X* Denotes a vehicle with a 1st registration date or year of manufacture in 2001 or earlier may fall due for test in 2012 (marked 'X*' in the table above). It falls due in 2012 if it has been tested after the 1st June 2011 (the date of introduction of annual testing for vehicles 10 years and older), or if it is overdue for a test from prior periods.

The above applies unless the vehicle has been voluntary early tested in a previous NCT cycle

If you are unable to obtain an appointment at your chosen Test Centre then simply contact our call centre on 014135992. NCTS will do their best to accommodate you with a time and date that is convenient for you.

The NCT Regulations allow that a car may be tested up to 90 days in advance of the test due date without affecting the expiry date of the certificate issued.  This system is in place to ensure all owners have sufficient time to have their vehicles successfully tested before the current certificate expires. Customers are also sent advance notification of the expiry of their NCT.

The NCT fee for a full test is €55 Euro and a re-test costs €28 Euro (both fees are inclusive of VAT and maybe subject to change). Re-tests, which do not require the use of test equipment, will be free. Free re-tests cover items, for example, a visual inspection to check that faulty windscreen wipers have been replaced.

If you cancel / rearrange a confirmed appointment with less than five working days notice (Mon. - Fri., not including the day of the test) or fail to show up for the test, a €22.00 surcharge will be applied when you next bring your car for testing. A similar surcharge of €11.50 will apply in the case of a re-test.

NCTS will accept cash, laser/Debit cards and all major credit cards (excluding American Express).

Pre-payment for the NCT

The prepayment system uses pre-authorisation. The test fee is only taken off your credit/debit card once the vehicle is checked in at the test centre.
Please refer to this FAQ document which can assist you with any queries you many have regarding the NCTS online prepayment facility

The prepayment system uses pre-authorisation. The test fee is only taken off your credit/debit card once the vehicle is checked in at the test centre.

Please refer to this FAQ document which can assist you with any queries you many have regarding the NCTS online prepayment facility

There are 47 NCT Centres located throughout Ireland established solely for the purposes of car testing, click here for the full list of NCT test centres.

They are completely independent of the garage and motor trade. Individual motorists whose cars are eligible for testing may choose a centre that is nearest to them or any of the 47 centres.

You can get a full list of the opening and closing times for each of the NCT centres by clicking here and choosing the relevant centre.

Please be advised that the opening and closing times may vary from centre to centre as each centre has different shifts and lunch times in operation.

If you are required to return to the test centre to have a visual inspection i.e. No Appointment required as test lane equipment is not utilised, we would recommend that you confirm the opening and closing times with the centre before leaving. Please note that opening hours provided here do not take account of break times which can occur between the hours of 12:30 and 14:00 and on Fridays between 17:00 and 18.30. A centre may be closed for a period of about 15 minutes where a shift change operates and typically this can occur between 16:00 and 17:00  If you require clarification on opening times, please call our contact centre on 014135992

Click here to download and print and NCT checklist on how best to prepare for the NCT

Please prepare for the test by ensuring that:

  1. Your car has adequate oil and water.
  2. The boot is empty and seats are clear of personal belongings such as removable baby seats. If the baby seat is left in the car for the NCT, it will be checked that it is fitted correctly.
  3. The vehicle is reasonably clean (especially the under body).
  4. The wheel hubcaps are removed (only in the case where the wheel nuts are not visible) and the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure.
  5. The engine is in a fit state to be tested e.g. Cam belt/timing belt. You may be asked to sign a disclaimer at the test centre.
  6. Seat belts and clips are fully visible.
  7. Your registration plates comply with current regulations.
  8. NCTS recommend that you have your lights checked and set prior to the NCT.
  9. Please ensure the person who brings the car for inspection brings identification with them in the form of a driving licence as failure to provide the required identification will result in the vehicle not being issued an NCT certificate at the time of testing.
  10. Please ensure your vehicle is at a normal operating temperature prior to arriving at the test centre for inspection.
  11. Don't forget to bring your vehicle registration book, registration certificate or licensing certificate and your test fee!

Please ensure you remove all valuables/personal belongings from the vehicle prior to the NCT.
If the above items are not taken care of, NCTS may be unable to test your vehicle.

To ensure you don't miss your appointment, we recommend that you plan to arrive 10 minutes early or you may have to re-book for another day and pay a cancellation fee.

Download a copy of the NCT information leaflet or view our short video on preparing for your NCT paying special attention to the condition of the headlight alignment, exhaust emissions and brake performance.

The items to be tested are specified in the EU Directive 2009/40/EC.

The National Car Test (NCT) Manual detailing the test standards has been published by The Road Safety Authority and is available for download on this site.

All re-tests must be booked within 21 days of the initial test. Re-tests which do not require the use of a test lane, will be free of charge. Free re-tests will cover minor visual items for example, replacement of windscreen wiper and registration plates. Re-tests must be completed within 30 days of the initial test or a full test will need to be repeated and charged accordingly.

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To help you understand why your vehicle failed its NCT, a brief explanation of a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) can be found by clicking here


If you are unhappy about any aspect of our service you have the right to, and are encouraged to, complain.

You may do this by detailing your complaint in full on a Complaint Form (QP 009/1) which can be obtained from the Test Centre or by phone from the Customer Service Department.  The form should be posted to the address below.  Alternatively, you may lodge your complaint by phone directly with the Customer Service Department on (01) 4135994. 

Your complaint will be investigated and a response with our findings will be issued within 2 weeks of receipt of your complaint.

Customer Service Department

Lakedrive 3026
Citywest Business Campus
Dublin 24


You have the right to Complain or to Appeal the refusal of a Test Certificate

If you feel that you have been unfairly refused a NCT Certificate you should direct your concern in the first instance, to the person in charge of the Test Centre before leaving. This approach will often clarify simple misunderstandings.

If after leaving the test centre, you feel that you have been unfairly refused a NCT Certificate you should return to the test centre and speak with the person in charge. For an appeal to be effectively considered the vehicle must be re-presented in the same condition as it was at the time of testing. Again this approach will often resolve simple misunderstandings.

If this approach does not resolve your problem, you should complete a complaints form, clearly outlining your concerns, and submit it to the NCTS Customer Service Dept. at the address above.  Complaint forms are available at your local NCT Centre. NCTS Customer Service will investigate your complaint and send you a reply within 2 weeks.

If, after this, you still feel you have been unfairly refused a Test Certificate you may lodge a Formal Appeal in writing to the Independent Appeals Board (IAB), NCT Appeals, AA Technical Department, AA Ireland, 61a South William Street, Dublin 2. You can also call them on 01 617 9000 or email

When you lodge your Appeal with the IAB you may be required to pay an Appeal Fee equivalent to a Full Test Fee. If your Appeal is upheld then this Appeal Fee will be refunded in full.

An Appeal may also be lodged in the District Court.

The emission standards applied depend on the year of registration of the vehicle tested. Limits applied will depend on the year of manufacture.

Vehicle owners who wish to present their vehicle for inspection earlier than 90 days before their NCT due date will now be allowed to do so.

Where this happens the vehicle will receive a 2 year (or 1 year depending on the age of the vehicle) certificate duration from the date it passes the test.

To qualify for Voluntary Early Testing the vehicle must PASS the NCT prior to the 90 days before its test due date

Vehicles presenting for their first NCT at 4 years will be subject to the same rules as any other aged vehicles. Note this is a change from the rule which allowed vehicles presenting for their first test at 4 years to be presented up to 6 months (180 days) early.

Vehicles presenting for an NCT younger than 2 years can be tested (these vehicles will not receive a certificate but will receive a vehicle inspection report) and their next NCT due date will remain the 4th anniversary of the first date of registration.

Vehicles aged between 2 and 4 years will receive a certificate valid for 2 years to the anniversary of the successful test, if tested more than 90 days in advance of the 4th anniversary of first registration.

Vehicles tested on-time (i.e. within 90 days of the test due date or its tenth anniversary test) or late remain unaffected by this change. and a certificate for the duration of 1 year will be issued from the current NCT expiry date

See the image below for examples of Voluntary Early Testing and to see how your vehicle can qualify.


The NCT test has made a significant contribution to Ireland’s road safety. Voluntary early testing will further improve the safety of Irish roads by encouraging car owners and the motor trade to test their vehicles more often. In addition, voluntary early testing will help spread demand for tests throughout the year.

Where a vehicle has already undergone a voluntary early test and the test due date has been reset, if this vehicle passes the test within 90 days of the 10th anniversary of first registration, a certificate valid to the 11th anniversary will be issued, and the test due date will be reset to the anniversary of first registration.

The National Car Test (NCT) is supervised and monitored by the AA (Automobile Association) and Deloitte on behalf of the Road Safety Authority. The network of NCT Centres operate independently of the motor trade and garage network, ensuring consistency of testing across the country.

All test equipment is calibrated on a strict regular basis by the equipment supplier and NCTS must supply the Automobile Association with calibration records for all our test equipment. Test equipment consistency checks are monitored and supervised by AA engineers.

Uniform standards are set out in the NCT Manual.

As part of our on-going commitment to improving standards in the NCT, vehicles may be selected for a quality control check.  This process requires vehicles who have a valid NCT to undergo a full test inspection again free of charge.

In addition to the external checks carried out by the above, NCTS also conduct their own comprehensive internal audits covering checks such as the monitoring of the testing process, review and analysis of customer complaints and regular inspector assessments.

Why not check out the full list of quality controls that govern the operation of the National Car Testing Service

You can replace either of the above for a fee of €15.50.

You must go to your local Garda station and obtain an RF134 form, which must be stamped and signed by the Gardaí. Send this completed form back, along with either your windscreen disc or NCT Certificate, whichever part you may still hold, and a bank draft or postal order payable to Applus Car Testing Service Ltd., to:

The Test Certificate Administrator,

NCTS, Lakedrive 3026,

Citywest Business Campus,

Naas Road, Dublin 24.

For a replacement NCT Report, simply write in with car registration number, make and model and owner details along with the €15.50 fee to the Test Certificate Administrator at the above address. These fees may be subject to change

Enforcement is the responsibility of the Garda Siochana who have access to our records.

All eligible cars must display an NCT Disc on their car windscreen, which will instantly identify cars that have passed the tes

If you import a second hand vehicle from another EU Member State and the vehicle has a current EU Roadworthiness Certificate, you can have the unexpired portion of the certificate recognised by exchanging your out-of-state roadworthiness certificate for an Irish issued EU recognition certificate.

In order to obtain an EU recognition certificate for a private vehicle you must complete an Mutual Recognition Application Form and return the completed application form and required fee of €15.50 (this fee is being waived until further notice) with the original or a certified true copy of the out of state roadworthiness certificate (if the certificate is not in English, please ensure you provide a translation of the certificate in the English language) to the following postal address: Certificate Administrator, Applus Car Testing Service Ltd, Citywest Business Campus, Lakedrive 3026, Naas Road, Dublin 24, D24 RC8V.

The Irish issued EU recognition roadworthiness certificate will be issued by post to the current registered owner of the vehicle.


Further information on the importation of your vehicle can be found on the VRT section of this website and also by visiting Revenue

Motor vehicles used only on islands not connected to the mainland by road and motor vehicles belonging to the Armed Forces, the Garda Síochana or the Fire Service are currently not subject to mandatory roadworthiness testing.

Vehicles registered before 1980 are also exempt from the test.

All Heavy Good and Light Goods Vehicles must be inspected at an approved VTN centre and NOT at an NCTS centre.

Please note: Light Goods Vehicles are classed as the following: have the capacity to carry only two passengers, have no side windows and no operating rear side doors


The testing of private vehicles (including second hand imports) commenced in Ireland on 4th January 2000. The test is known as the NCT (National Car Test).

The NCT was introduced to improve road safety and environmental protection and to comply with the EU Directive 2009/40/EC, which makes car testing compulsory in all EU member states.


If your vehicle is aged between 30-39 years (based on the vehicle's date of first registration) and you are not using your vehicle for commercial purposes, it will have now have to undergo a roadworthiness test every two years instead of annually.

If you are using your vehicle for commercial purposes, for example as a wedding hire vehicle, there is no change to the test frequency and you must continue to have your vehicle tested annually.

Please note: if your vintage vehicle was inspected during the period 20th May 2017 to 19th May 2018, you will be entitled to a two year certificate. NCTS will endeavour to write to each customer affected detailing the requirements in order to amend their current NCT certificate. All queries regarding this change can be dealt with by the customer service department on (01) 4135994.

Upon a vehicle ceasing to be a public service vehicle, the test due date for such a vehicle shall be on the basis that the next test due date shall be the date on which the then current test by date expires and each subsequent test due date shall be the anniversary of that date.