NCT aims to deliver an independent and highly professional car testing service, which enhances the safety of your vehicle and reflects our commitment to providing you with the highest standards of customer service.         

You may be contacted on occasion by an independent auditor who is authorised by the Road Safety Authority to undertake customer service research.

1. Treat our customers with courtesy and respect at all times and show patience and understanding in dealing with your queries or complaints.

2. Achieve a customer satisfaction rating of a least 90%.

3. Accept bookings made by post, telephone, facsimile, email or in person. We will deal with your telephone calls promptly and courteously. 90% of calls to our LoCall bookings and customer helpline numbers will be answered within 15 seconds.

4. Ensure that the average lead time for an appointment at an individual test centre is less than three weeks and no greater than four weeks. The customer will be provided with a test free of charge where an appointment cannot be offered within a four week period provided that:      

The points noted above only apply when an appointment has not been offered within four weeks. There is no guarantee of a test appointment at short notice for cars overdue the test.

5. Offer a free re-test for failures which do not require the use of test lane within one working day of the first test, and achieve an average lead-time of one week and a maximum lead-time of two weeks for all re-tests.


6. Open each NCT centre for the number of hours required to satisfy local demand in each area. This will include one early morning opening (8am)*, one late evening opening (7pm)* and some Saturday morning openings. (*subject to local demand).
7. Keep queuing times at each NCT centre to no more than 30 minutes provided you arrive on time (free test if queue time to start of test is over 60 minutes).

8. Provide you with a clear and easy to understand test report, which will explain why your car passed or failed. Our vehicle inspectors will guide and inform you about any defects found to help you arrange for the necessary repairs.

9. Reply to your written correspondence within 5 working days of receipt or alternatively acknowledge receipt of your correspondence within 3 working days with a full reply within 10 working days.

10. Provide you with a fair, efficient and transparent complaints and appeals process. Please speak to the test centre supervisor in the first instance, if you have a complaint or contact NCTS on 01-4135994 or email:  If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the internal appeals process, you have the right to appeal to the AA Independent Appeals Board. You also have the right to appeal to the District Court.

11. Provide pleasant and comfortable surroundings for you to wait in while your vehicle is tested.

12. Provide the very highest standards of test integrity. If however, you have any concerns related to the integrity of our test standards, we would encourage you to contact us through our integrity line. Please be assured that any information received will be treated in the strictest confidence.

13. If NCTS cancel a prearranged booking and do not give the owner of the vehicle 5 clear days’ notice, a new test appointment will be provided free of charge.



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